Why You Should Choose A Family Run Company

Why you should choose a family run company

You’ve probably seen ads for large carpet companies – the ads are everywhere, shouting about big discounts, bulk pricing, and ‘sales of the century.’ They have deeper pockets, large accounts, and marketing budgets that likely rival the cost of a new house.  

In comparison, there’s your family-owned and -run carpet company, with fewer selections and small or non-existent marketing budgets. 

So, who should you choose? Here are some important factors to consider:

Family-run companies care about YOU.

Large corporations care most about the money they make (or don’t make). They have investors and stock-holders who expect pay-outs in addition to their other expenses. If the company is a franchise, money becomes even more crucial, since franchisees usually give a percentage of their profits back to the parent company. 

Family-run businesses thrive on customer service and satisfaction. They have the flexibility to operate based on values rather than the ‘bottom line.’ More importantly, you’ll know their values, because you’ll meet them when you come into the store and see them each time you return. When you know a company and the values behind it, you know you can trust them.

Family-run companies are free to offer the best products.

Large companies often have corporate investors whose products or connections the company uses in return for financial support. Unfortunately, this means that even if the employees know it’s a low-value product, they couldn’t choose another one. 

Family-run businesses have no obligation to pick products or brands based on corporate decisions. Ultimately, this means you have a better chance of getting a better product from a family-run business that can make decisions based on quality, not corporate relationships.  

Family-run companies make decisions based on customers.

Large companies have strict policies and procedures and procedures in place to ensure uniformity across locations, limiting risk and liabilities. Decisions are made, not by the staff or management, but by executives consulting with lawyers (neither of whom interact with customers). For them, customers are numbers and figures on paper.

Family-run companies value consistency and limited risk, too; however, they value their customers more. That’s why they’ll choose the best inventory, hire the best workers, and focus on meeting customer needs. You’ll never be just a number or figure.

Of course, not all family-run businesses fit this description. Indeed, there are some who are quite the opposite. You still have to be diligent to make sure you get what you paid for.

Pearson Floor Coverings is a high end British family-run carpet and flooring company. With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves on perfection – from start to finish. We mainly operate in Essex and London. However, as a family-run business, we have the flexibility to extend our services further to provide you with the best services, products, and customer service – every time. If you have a project overseas or in another part of the UK, email us your project, and we will get in touch.

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